Friday, March 5, 2010

Nursery Furniture

Like I mentioned in the last post, we picked up the nursery in a box from W.almart late Friday night. It was a very large, bulky box and I’m guessing it weighed between 150 and 200 lbs. A guy at the store helped load it into the truck, but it was kind of funny watching Nathan unload it by himself. He ended up sliding it out of the truck and into the house. He slid it to the end of the hallway and that’s where it sat until Sunday after church. (I was trying to be patient)

Sunday we dragged the box into the living room and started to unload it. You should’ve seen Nathan’s face when he saw all the parts. In all fairness, I DID tell him that it didn’t come assembled. And I DID tell him that even if we had bought a high dollar crib from BRU he STILL would’ve had to assemble it. But apparently he was still a little surprised. And not thrilled, as you can see by his face in the pictures.

Lots of Hardware

The big box it came in

He's thrilled, can't you tell?

Lots of parts

We put the crib together first. Then we carried it down the hall to the nursery, and realized that there was not ANY way, no matter how we twisted or turned the thing, that it was going to make the 90 degree turn into the baby’s room. So we had to take it apart and put it together again in the baby’s room. At that point we took a break as some of our friends had invited us out for the evening.

Monday we ran errands all day and were busy until late in the evening. When we finally got home I put on some coffee and we put together the changer and the dresser. By then the cats had made a HUGE mess all over the house with the Styrofoam—they liked to get in the big box and scratch at the Styrofoam until it flew around, then roll in it and get it all over everything. Marcus, the dummy, ate some of it and barfed. Ugh.

The flooring in our house is completely industrial vinyl tiles. Easy to clean, but not exactly homey. The rooms are echoey and sterile looking so we wanted to get a carpet for the baby’s room. I had been saving the gift cards I got at our baby shower in NY so we decided to go see what we could get a Wally World. (This is around 1pm, mind you). We ended up finding a nice brown carpet, and Nathan loves that it has a pattern of Vines on it.
****Enter PB****
When we got to the register to pay I pulled the gift cards out of my pocket and swiped the first one. No problem. I swiped the second one. It wouldn’t take it. I tried again. It wouldn’t take it. The very nice checkout lady tried to swipe it. Nothing. I said, I know the people that bought this card, and I know they wouldn’t just give me a blank card! She called a manager to come try to figure out what was wrong. While we waited for the manager I asked her to throw away the used up gift card. She suggested that maybe she should try to swipe it before she threw it away, just in case I had mixed them up. Well, guess what. I mixed them up. Ahem. Embarassing? Yes, I think so. Nathan thought it was funny, and I do too. But I still felt pretty stupid. Thankfully, the cashier was one of those sweet southern ladies who “Honey”s everyone and she didn’t make me feel bad about it. And now it’s just a funny story to tell!

The carpet we found covers nearly the entire floor and really warms the room up. And I am very happy with the quality of the furniture. It's very sturdy, WAY sturdier than I expected for what we paid. I think it will last past one child. We arranged the furniture and took a few pictures and voila! We are done! Well, we are done until I get his bedding and paint his name and his art and…! Ok, we are not done. We are just done with the basics. Mama’s very happy!

You can sort of see the vine pattern in the rug

Behind Nathan is the cradle that my parents used for me and my siblings. It will go by our bed when Piglet is born.


Dusty Penguin said...

Yeah! You have baby furniture! I wish I could see the vines in the rug--how cool! I'll be it feels great to have that in place. Give Nathan an A+ for putting all that together. That was seriously a lot of hardware!

Amber said...

Yeah for furniture! We have had ours for a while but have not assembled it yet thats the plan for the week of Spring Break. Now since there are pics of daddy in the room you should get some pics of mommy in the room (maybe your 28 week pic :) )

Melissa Larabee said...

Nice job guys. I'm super proud of N for persevering and getting it all done. I know that wasn't easy to get all that done. It does all look very nice!!!

A. Kay Daniel said...

YAY!!! Way to go, Nathan! Thanks for posting this - I really enjoyed reading it. And no, we wouldn't have given you a blank card! ;)

Hannatu said...

Nathan rocks! :)