Friday, March 12, 2010


I just got a call from the Dr's office. I failed my glucose test, dadgummit! Now I have to take the three hour test. Do you know how many times they draw your blood for that test? FOUR!!  I'm going to ask them to put a catheter in my hand and leave it. If they try to stick me four times in the elbows I won't be able to move my arms! Ugh! I have to go for the test on Monday.

I went to lunch today with some of the girls from work. One of the girls in the office is Laos and she has introduced me to a lot of ethnic food, including a Thai noodle soup called Pho. Pho is pronounced Fuh, like in "funny".  Well we went to a new (to me) place today and as we drove in I noticed that the restaurant is named Pho King Way. Say it out loud but pronounce Pho the right way, how I described it above. I thought it was hilarious.  Innapropriate, but hilarious!


Amber said...

aww bummer about the test I also failed mine and have to retake mine on Wednesday so hopefully we will both pass the 3 hr test.

Dusty Penguin said...

I'm sorry you failed your test and have to drink that nasty stuff all over again:( I hope it will turn out o.k. We're praying! I guess you can't tell anyone where you went to lunch without being embarrassed!