Thursday, May 6, 2010

36 weeks, 5 days

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, and Nathan and my MIL Daphne got to go to see the baby. It was really neat because we could actually see bones and skin and all sorts of things. We sort of got to see his face but not very well since it’s so low in my pelvis and he was turned away. I did see him stick his tongue out, silly boy. Unfortunately since he was moving so much and he was in a bad place the ultrasound tech was unable to get a picture of his face. I did, however, get a picture that confirmed the boyness of it all, and another of lots of hair. Which proves that all the heartburn is not in vain. He is also estimated to weigh 7 lbs. Which means that at an average weight gain of ½ lb per week, by 40 weeks he will weigh around 9 lbs and by 42 weeks he will weigh around 10. Oh joy. I was hoping for a little 6 or 7 lb peanut that would sort of just slide out. Maybe he’ll come a little bit early.
Boy parts

All that blurry white stuff by the writing is hair.

I had an internal exam and Dr. H said I am 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced. I’m not getting too excited because it doesn’t mean I’m close really, just that my body is gearing up for the big day. I told Nathan it would be cute if he was born on Mother’s Day, but that is way soon I think. I was just kidding.

And here I am, huge and getting bigger! I’m doing ok. Tired but finding it a little difficult to get comfortable. Piglet is still very active and I really enjoy that. Well, 99 percent of the time anyway. I don’t like being woken up by the breath stealing kick to the ribs, haha!

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Amber said...

I always find it so amazing to come to your blog and share so many of the same thoughts and feelings. I was just telling Chad the other day wouldnt it be a wonderful gift to have her come for Mothers Day but it is a little early..haha! Oh and Morgan is 6 lbs 15oz and I also was hoping for a smaller baby but looks like we both will be getting bigger babies!

Not much longer for us hang in there! Thats a good start for the dialation and effacement Im literally at nothing pretty much so your a little ahead of me in that area..haha