Wednesday, May 12, 2010

37 weeks, car trade

My 37 week picture is a real gem. I promise. But first you have to know the story behind it.
A few weeks ago my mom called and said she was sending me a package with a couple of things for Piglet, and a cute maternity outfit she’d found for me. She was so excited about the maternity outfit, going on and on about how cute it was and how she wanted a picture and on and on. So I finally got the package and there were some cute things for Piglet and then there was…the maternity outfit. I pulled it out and started laughing and laughing. I couldn’t believe mom really liked it and wanted me to wear it. But, she was so excited about it that I figured I’d just take a picture for her and pretend I loved it and throw it away on the sly. I texted her, “Got the package, love the stuff, thanks!” She texted me back, “Do you like your outfit?” Um, what to say. “I love all the baby stuff!” “But do you like your outfit?” “Man, Piglet is going to have more shoes than I do!” “But do you like your outfit?” Erm. “Yeah it’s nice, thank you!” “You really like it?” Finally I just gave up and called her. I told her that I was trying to be nice but the outfit wasn’t really my style. Finally, laughing, she said it was a big joke and she just wanted to see what I would say. So without further ado, here I am, in all my 37 week pregnant glory. Please note my lovely freshly waxed floors. Okay, so you can't tell. PRETEND!!

Now do you see why it’s so funny? I think these pantsuits were popular in the late eighties or maybe early nineties. In fact, at one point my mom had sewn matching pantsuits for her and I for deputation, and I LOVED mine. They had lace around the collars and were from a McCall's pattern. But now? I think we’ll just leave them for a joke. (And mom, I hope you appreciate the guts it took to put a picture like this in cyberspace.)

In other news, we’ve been trying to trade our car for a four door and it looks like Nathan just got a good trade. I have a 94 Acura Integra, the one he replaced the engine in last fall. It’s a good car and sporty but unfortunately the baby seat just doesn’t fit in the back seat (what there is of one, lol). We had a guy want to meet up to trade for an Accord on Sunday, and I almost bawled when I saw his car. It was a 92 (OLD!), and apparently he’s just had a new engine put in but it was in terrible condition interior and body wise, with a lot of things wrong with it. I’m not sure what he was thinking, since our car is in good condition with a lot of aftermarket mods. He offered us the car plus a thousand bucks to trade for our car, and seemed willing to go up more. He really wanted the teggie! I sat in C.hili’s and read a book while they took turns driving the cars and eventually N came in and asked me what I thought. I started crying and said, “I h-hate it!” Seriously. I know I have some hormones but it was also THAT bad. Poor guy. But he wasn’t happy with the car anyway and we knew we would be getting a raw deal even with cash so we politely declined. And by we, I mean Nathan did while I finished drying up my crocodile tears. I really hated the idea of getting rid of my sporty nice car for that hunka junk. And thankfully Nathan thought it was a bad idea even before he talked to me.

Then today he went to meet up with another guy and it turned into a trade! It’s a 94 Civic, 4 door automatic (Teggie was a standard, but I thought it would be easier to deal with a baby in an auto). It’s also only got 76K on it and was owned by an old couple so they are probably easy miles. The interior and exterior are both nice and I think Nathan is pretty happy with the trade. So praise God, that was the last big thing on my “Before Piglet” list!

Sunday was my first Mother’s day and it was nothing to write home about. I went to church and then came home and cleaned the house while Nathan slept. And slept. Grrr! Then we went to meet that guy about the car and then went and saw Ironman 2.

Monday I had a Dr. appointment and everything is good, no changes since last week. Then I went to the chiro for a second adjustment. I feel so much better! I recommend it to any pregnant ladies, even if you don’t have SPD. I know that aches and pains are part of every pregnancy, but really there is a world of difference in the way I feel now and the way I felt two weeks ago before I went to get adjusted.


Amber said...

thats so funny about the outfit I also would have never been able to know what to say:)

So glad to hear that you got a trade on the car and 76k is great mileage too!

Melissa Larabee said...

I love your stories. I can alway hear your voice in my head when I read your blogs. I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad that you all got a good trade.

I am thankful piglet is staying put until it's his time to come, but I'm really really really ready to hold him, to love on him, to bathe him, to change him... JUST FOR HIM TO BE HERE... He'll come when it's time and I appreciate that. Just want you to know my anticipation! :)

Hannatu said...

LOL! I guess you could always wear them for pajamas if you got desperate.
Glad everything is ready now. Having a reliable car in which you can put a car seat is going to be pretty important!
Love you!!!!!

Mommy Becoming said...

Thanks guys for all the comments!