Thursday, May 13, 2010

New (old) car

Rest In Peace sporty car. I'm sorry we traded you to a ricer.

I drove the new (to me) car to work today. It seems to run well. Doesn’t have any guts but I guess that’s what happens when you go from a standard to an automatic. It runs smoothly though. Nathan did warn me that it was loud and it needs back shocks. He wasn’t kidding on either count! The guy that had it was trying to ricer it out I guess and changed the exhaust to a LOUD beast. Nathan is going to dynomat the trunk (there is nothing but metal) which should keep most of the noise out. He’s also going to replace the back shocks, which will be good since it feels like you’re riding a pogo stick. That’s a funny visual! Ha! And of course we are going to get the AC charged. Those three things are really about all that we need to do at this point I guess. It has new tires (need a spare and a jack) and eventually we will need a lens for the front corner light (hit and run driver) but there is a bulb so I won’t get a ticket. Overall I believe N is happy with the trade. I teased him that he is nesting the car and he said he just wants it to be good for Piglet to ride in. Man-nester! Ha! We installed the baby seat last night. It is WEIRD to be driving around with that in the car. Like, hello, reality check. But thank God for providing.

Part of being a mom is driving a mommy car. I'd better at least get a break on insurance

Speaking of cars, I’ve also found my dream car. You’ll laugh at me, but it’s a Mercury. Yes, an old man car. Or boat. Whichever. Nathan’s work car is a 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis and he’s had it at the house the past few days which is nice cause then we can use it. I love it because it rides SO incredibly smoothly. I mean, sit on a cloud and don’t feel the pot holes smoothly. Plus the AC will blow you out the back window. I mean seriously, that is the best way to make a prego in Texas happy. Good AC. It’s roomy inside. And, AND, when you use your turn signal after dark, a little headlight turns on in the direction you are turning so you can SEE where you are turning! C’mon, how cool is that?!?! Yes, I know I’m easily amused. But it’s just so…so…COOL! So, old man boat or not, I am in love.

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