Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Months

I missed the ten month day, but in my defense I was without a computer or internet! Better late than never, right? That seems to be a recurring statement with my "monthly" posts. It's hard at this point to even remember what he was doing at ten months, so this may be short!

  • 12 months clothes
  • Still between sizes on shoes. Twos are small, threes are big
  • No idea on weight or height.
  • Moved up to size four diapers
  • Takes two naps unless we are out and about. He wakes anywhere between nine and ten, and goes down between eight and nine. 8:30 is probably our average.
  • Super fast crawler, fast cruiser, and walks well if we are holding his hands. He has taken one or two lunging steps from one of us to the other, but it's more of a lunge than an actual step and it's not consistent.
  • Says Mama, Dada, and dog.
  • We call him our little puppy or billy goat. Everthing, and I mean EVERYTHING goes in his mouth.  He likes to crawl around with something in his mouth like a little puppy. And he is all about trying to climb on things!
  • Pincer grasp is really well developed. My pastor's wife, who is a special ed teacher, was really impressed by it.
  • If you say, "Where's Shane?" he puts his hands over his eyes to do peekaboo.
  • Loves Mama and Daddy. He is fine with pretty much anyone holding him but he lights up when Daddy gets home from work, and Mama pretty much can't be out of sight. I love my little pal! Sometimes, though, it makes it difficult to do anything because I literally have to be right next to him or he has a conniption. Go into the kitchen to do dishes? He's hanging on my pants wanting up. Shower? He's pulling back the curtain and watching. Walk to the bedroom? Screams.

  •  This lady from church loves Shane, and grabs him as soon as we get to church. I'm not even sure of her name; she just said "Grammy".
     We enjoyed a trip to this fun restaurant. Shane was impressed by the fire!
     We went to visit Shane's Great Grandpa Vines, who turned 90! He's determines to make it to 107.
     "Is it bath time, Mama? It IS!!! I'm so excited ! Why isn't there water in the tub? Hurry UP!"
     "Still no water in there, mom."
     "I'll help with dishes, Mama."
     Tug o war with Daddy
     I had to save the best for last. Every good Texan baby has pictures in the spring in the bluebonnets. Melissa took these for us and, as usual, did a stupendous job! Thank you so much! My favorite is the one at the very top of the post, of him clapping.
That's about all for this post. I have several posts written up and will be sharing them soon to catch up.

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Amber said...

Happy Belated 10 months! He is getting so big. Morgan is another one who loves her baths.