Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This mother's day was a little better than last year's. We went to church and then Nathan had planned to take me out to a restaurant I really like. But, his family called for us to join them for lunch at a place of their choosing so to avoid drama we just went to meet them. I have to admit I was a little disappointed, but I felt like such a brat at the same time because come on, who complains about going out to eat! That shut me up, lol.
Shane was very sleepy. He had a fruit bowl for lunch.

After lunch we went home, crawled into bed, and napped for two hours. Yup, all of us! Well, Nathan slept the entire day pretty much because he had to work all night. But I have to be understanding about that kind of thing, you know? I was just thrilled that I got a nap out of the day!

I also got an awesome mother's day present! (Ok, I ordered it myself) I found this jeweler on Etsy and loved her product so I ordered one of my own.

It came beautifully packaged and with a thank you note to me from the seller.
Inside the box was the necklace in a brown gauze bag and a silver polishing cloth in a little bag sealed with a rhinestone. This girl has presentation skills!
 And finally, my necklace.  Shane's name and birthday on hammered silver with a small heart and a pearl, his birthstone.  Love it! I'm SO pleased with her work and she was very fast.  I would recommend her for sure!

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