Monday, April 18, 2011

Motorcycle Accident

Nathan had an accident on his bike last Monday. He was on a curved on ramp and a lady on her cell phone in an SUV stopped dead in front of him. He brake hard, but when you are turning on a bike you have to lean so when he braked the bike slid out from under him. He jumped, tucked and rolled and the bike went skidding away. The woman took off and NOBODY driving by stopped to help him. His phone was dead so he had to ride to his sisters, and I met him there.

He’s ok. He has some (in his words) “gnarly” road rash and he was REALLY sore. Insurance is paying to repair the bike


Mrs. D said...

um..OUCH! I'm so glad he's ok!!!

Hannatu said...

I wish he'd had a chance to get her license number!

Edith Hunter said...

Oh my gosh! That wound looks awful. I am so glad nothing worse happened. I know it's been two years now, but something like this can stay with you, even if the physical wounds have already been healed. This is why reckless drivers are dangerous. They affect more than just themselves. They put other people around at risk as well. I hope that driver learned her lesson.

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