Monday, April 4, 2011

Texas Rangers

On Shane’s ten month birthday we went to a Rangers (baseball) game. Aunt Andrea got free tickets and invited us along, and Grammy bought Shane a super cool jersey. I was really looking forward to going, but unfortunately I got sick that morning with a lovely fever so it wasn’t as fun as it might’ve been. I think everyone else had fun though! I know Shane enjoyed himself.

There was a very kind couple with two boys sitting in front of us. I’m so grateful to the wife for her patience and understanding as Alie kicked her twice while I was holding her, and then when I was holding Shane he got a handful of her hair. Oops! She was so sweet and told us that one of her sons as an infant cleared out an entire section at the ball game with his stinky bum!

Grammy (Nathan's mom) and Shane

 Andrea (Nathan's sis) and her daughter Alie
 Alie and I
 Shane and Daddy

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