Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 Months

I didn't take Shane's normal monthly picture with Piglet because Nathan had the camer with him in Puerto Rico (work).  This was on Halloween though, so it is close to the right time.

I just realized that I had written Shane's five month update and forgot to post it!  Here it is, almost a month late (again).

5 months! Little man is in a big rush to grow up; I wish he wouldn’t be in such a hurry! I’m going to put him in the dryer to shrink him back down.

-Started staying with Daddy some days while Mama is at work.

-Favorite toy this month is Baby Einstein soft blocks. They are big and have all different fabrics for different textures. We have yellow, blue, green, and red. His favorite is red.

-We’ll say same weight and height for this month. 17 lbs 3 oz, 26 ½ lbs

-Still breastfed. We are waiting until about 6 months to start solids, later if he's still showing no interest.

-Working on another set of teeth. These seem to hurt him more than the last ones.

-Sits without support for brief moments of time, and is trying REALLY hard to sit up by himself. He can if he’s reclining, but not if he’s flat on his back.

-Loves to have playtime in a sink full of water. He figured out that he can hit the water and it splashes and THAT is funny!

-Talks a lot and also growls. It’s hilarious. He’ll have a toy in his hands and then look at it really hard and growl and stuff it in his mouth.

-Is trying REALLY hard to raz his lips.

-Is very impatient for mommy to go get him a jumper, because he loves his cousin’s old one.

-6-9 month clothes, 9 + month jammies

-Very good with people. He doesn’t much care who holds him or plays with him.

-His eyes are an unusual color. I think I would call them green, with little flecks of gold and brown in them.

-Still loves to be outside

-Went to an airshow and saw the Blue Angels for the first time.

-Knows where his food comes from and reaches for them and stuffs them in his mouth.

-Nathan says he holds his bottle well, and he also takes his paci out of his mouth, looks at it, chews on it, and puts it back in.

-Still only gets his paci at nap time and spits it out when he falls asleep.

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