Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just realized today how long it has been since I wrote a post! I’m sorry—I don’t have internet at the house and I’ve been really busy with work. Here are a few quick updates.

--My 21st birthday: Nathan was still in Puerto Rico, so Melissa made me a Tres Leche cake and a couple of people from church came over for cake. N asked Melissa’s hubby to get me some flowers so I got some really pretty Lilies from Nathan. I also got Seasons One and Five of HOUSE! Yay! I’m so addicted to that show—Shane might grow up to be a doctor!

--Uncle Dean: My uncle who lives in California was in town on a business trip so I got to spend an evening with him. It was wonderful! I haven’t seen him in SO long.

--Thanksgiving: Drove to my mom’s cousin Janice’s house (4 hrs east) near Shreveport. We left Wednesday after work and came back Thursday after dinner. It was a lot of fun getting to know the relatives a little better.

--Christmas parade: Don’t ask. Ugh. We finally, finally, finally found a place to park, by which time we were pretty tense with each other. I got in the back seat to change Shane’s diaper and put him into his snow suit only to find a poop explosion everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean: All OVER the poor baby, the carseat, the paci, his toy, his blanket, the carseat and straps, my pants, shirt, and hands. It was a mess. And, thank God, it made me and N laugh and get over ourselves. By the time I used every wipe in the travel case (thank God I filled it up before we left!) Melissa had called to say that they were getting trampled and were leaving. Being a good Daddy, N decided that if they were getting pushed around and stepped on we sure weren’t going to take a baby into the throng! I was fine with that decision but still a little bummed since I look forward to the parade all year round. So we took our poopy selves over to Melissa and Thomas’ house, where I showered, borrowed non-poopy clothes, bathed and redressed baby, and threw all poopy items into their washer. We still had a fund evening, hanging out with them.

Decorating: Not done yet. Erm…slacking, I know. You’d think I had a baby or something. Nathan put the tree up but we haven’t decorated it or the house. We do have most of the Christmas shopping done.

In other news: Shane sits up all by himself, constantly. He also raspberries on his fingers when he gets them really slobbery. It’s pretty cute. He’s trying SO hard to crawl. I don’t think it will be long—some days he almost gets it. His top teeth are coming, but they are REALLY hard compared to the bottom ones. He’s had a lot of fussy/fever/”I only want Mama and I must be held kind” of days. We’ve caught two little mice in our traps. Cheeky buggers—they run across the counter right in front of us! I hope there aren’t any more. Stinkin’ mice! Also, we’re getting a new tub! This is huge to me. Our tub is nasty; all the finish is worn off and so no matter how much I clean it, it still looks dirty. There is also a big hole rusted in the front. I called the landlord and complained about the hole and when the repairman came I also complained about the finish so they said they’ll put in a new one after Christmas! YAAAAAAY!!! Baths in the tub!

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Hannatu said...

I love your blogs. So glad you got to see U Dean and spend Thanksgiving at Janice's. I had to laugh at the diaper. Daniel did a few of those, too!