Thursday, December 23, 2010


I want to (TRY) to start writing a weekly post of things I don’t want to forget about Shane. I’ll call it Things I Want to Remember Thursday (TIWTRT). I got the idea off a blog written by a mom with twins. Shane is growing up SO fast and no matter how I try to appreciate every second of time with him I still feel like his babyhood is slipping through my fingers. Quickly. Very, very quickly. I wish that I could freeze some moments in time; when he sees me walk in the door and flaps his arms and kicks his legs and squeals in excitement. The way he turns and ducks his head and buries it against us when he thinks something is funny. The way he looks at us and raises his eyebrows and head and opens his eyes wide as he makes his “Aaaeeeeiiii” sound that starts low and ends high. The way he wiggles and squirms and climbs and scoots and tries so very, very hard to crawl. The way he is happy to be held by anyone, but will periodically look around to make sure I’m near, and the way he beams at me when he sees that I am. The way that he loves anything that crinkles. How he always tries to grab his feet while he nurses, and sometimes tries to suck his toes at the same time. (Nothing like a little toe jam with your milk, eh?)

He army crawls all over the place and works really hard to crawl like a big boy. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. Sometimes he can go backward but not all the time. If we sit on the floor a few feet away he comes over to us and will squirm over our legs to get to a toy.

He “sings” along with the radio.

He holds his arms out to be held, and sometimes just wants to go back and forth from me to Daddy.

He loves to fly like an airplane and then go upside down to touch heads.

He has the sweetest gummy smile while he stuffs four fingers in his mouth and giggles.

He has tried Pineapple, Carrots, Bananas, Lemons, Avocado, and Tangerines. He’s also had baby food sweet potatoes. He likes the “real” food that he can grasp and is NOT a fan of the pureed taters. His favorites are lemon and pineapple.

He is very laid back and happy but also determined, if that makes sense.

He is ticklish on his sides and belly and laughs non-stop if you pretend bite and growl his ribs, tummy, and ham hock legs.

He grabs your hand and pulls himself sitting and sometimes standing.

When he's in his jumper if you jump, he will too.

He laughs and laughs if a peppy song comes on the radio and I dance around with him. He especially likes twirls and dips.

When you call his name he turns and head and looks at you.

If he is annoyed he does this adorable little distainful frown. Nathan thinks it looks just like and expression I make, and I think it looks just like an expression Nathan makes, but I'm pretty sure it's cuter on Shane than either of us!


Amber said...

What a great idea! I'm still trying to figure out a way to keep up with all the memories.

Hannatu said...

It seems like he's already changed so much since we saw him in October.
Through a friend I found a great website that will print all your blogs into a book. The website is:
It's a little pricey, but worth it for all the memories you have on your blog!

Dusty Penguin said...

That's really cool, Nancy! BTW, when do I find out more about Melissa's gift? You made me bawl again. I miss him so much, and miss seeing him do all these wonderful things. I told my dad that for the first time I know what it was like for them to have their grandchildren being raised all over the world. But I'm thankful that he is so loved.